The perks of being an occasional hand model


Taking it back to one of our favorite decades with our 80’s Rewind collection. This look was created with Don’t Stop Believin’She Drives Me Crazy and Maniac.

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Look created by Ria Lopez

⛅️🌂🌱🌼🌸🌺☔️☁️ April Flowers > April Showers #manimonday

*in case you missed it* @deborahlippmann called me a Nail Polish Savant on live (local) tv yesterday, even though I was only there to model Spring Nail Trends!! 🙊💅💜🌺 (at LIVE from the Couch)

💀🔮 remains of the day

☁️🌀☁️ #manimonday inspo from @takashipom の #けばけば

🌱🌹🌚✨ C’est le temps que tu a perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante. #SaintExupéry #manimonday

🌛🌗🌘🌚🌒🌓🌜Viennese Princess escapes ball to meet her Russian bf at the club. Nails did @BadgleyMischka by @deborahlippmann in #GlitterAndBeGay and #TakeTheATrain

❤️💕 #peekaboo #manimonday nails for the @honorwoman show by @deborahlippmann in #Break4Love and #ItsRainingMen

Right before I 📷 this @thisisbandofoutsiders look, she told me, “I feel like Kanye West”. Cue the #FlashingLights - Band Of French nails in Naked and Amazing Grace by @deborahlippmann

💎💎💎 Best accessory so far goes to @resonateon for painting her heels with @deborahlippmann #TodayWasAFairytale

Probably goes without saying that this is my favorite look from the #katespade #nyfw presentation this morning! Nails by @deborahlippmann

#katespade  #nyfw  

🐎🎊 2013 ➡️ 2014 #NYE #yearofthehorse #nailart #fbf

Trying to work, but for some reason I’m so easily distracted today… #whatimdoingrightnow tagged by @remonade


THE look for tomorrow’s celebrations. Created with Fade To Black ( and Glitter And Be Gay (

Should I keep this on my nails or change it for tomorrow? Decisions, decisions…

👾🎀👽🔮🌌💎 #somanycrystals #solittletime